Pro-bono Kenya Kids Internet Marketing Plan

This entry was posted on May 10 2010

Kenya Kid Can Business Plan

Produced a 108 page online marketing plan for Kenya Kids Can, a non-profit organization in Kenya, in a team of three. The budget allotted for the plan was $0. The report contained an in-depth look on the current state of the company and how to improve its online strategies. The report had two SMART objectives: By June 1st 2010 increase unique visitors to the Kenya Kids website by 100% and by June 1st 2010 to increase monthly donations by 100%. To achieve this the team decided that Kenya Kids needed to satisfied impulsive donors, create relationships with the donors, develop a social networking presence, take advantage of their public relations, increase community involvement and revise their website. To do this we developed seventeen different tactics that included a Facebook page, a SEO campaign, and a mock up for the website revision. These tactics where measured by six choice criterion: time, personnel, cost, reach, impact value, and consistency of values. Next the team created several Gantt charts for an implementation timeline. Finally return on investment was calculated in man-hours for Kenya Kids.

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