What is Social Media?

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Jun 25 2010

In preparation for social media day (June 30th mark your calendar) had an article asking the readers “What is Social Media?” To gain information on this topic they did what any internet business should do: they turned to social media. Readers could tweet their 140 character response to #whatisSM. Since they received so many responses they came up a top 20 opposed to the original top 10. The main attributes of the top 20 were:

Collaboration, Network, Conversation, Sharing, Relationships, Multi-dimensional, Inclusive, Information, Community, Personalization, Empowering, A Radical Shift in Communication, Real-time, People, Content Distribution, Self-expression, Unity, Dynamic, Discovery, and Power of the Crowd

These factors contain everything expect for one thing key that is needed for social media. This is effort. To be successful with social media is hard. It is work. It is effort. This is why people are getting paid to manage others peoples social media. Updating Facebook, uploading images, and tagging friends and family takes effort. Updating your information in Linkedin for a new job takes effort. Even writing in a blog takes effort (who would have thought?). Social media is effort just like everything else. Fortunately it’s something that people enjoy to do and takes hard work and dedication.

BTW my answer to the original tweet was “the culmination to all of your effort of networking on the internet.” I think I was pretty spot on! What do you think?